Punch'ong ware bowl

profile base interior
Joseon period, second half of 16th century
Korea, Jeollanam-do province, Goheung county, Undae-ri kilns
Stoneware with dipped white slip under transparent glaze
7.9 x 15.1 cm
Purchase — Charles Lang Freer Endowment
Freer Gallery of Art


From 1959-1963 to 1996
Mr. Gregory Henderson (died 1988) and Mrs. Maria Henderson (died 2007), West Medford, MA, acquired in Korea from an unnamed dealer during 1959-1963 [1]

From 1996
Freer Gallery of Art, purchased from Mrs. Maria Henderson in 1996 [2]


[1] Mr. and Mrs. Henderson acquired this object in Korea whilst they were living in Seoul (see Curatorial Remark 5 in the object record). Also, see Curatorial Remark 1, Louise A. Cort, August 27, 1996, in the object record.

[2] See Freer Gallery of Art Accession List, Collections Management Office.